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Can't add new element to model node from web service

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Hi Folks,

we are using the old WebService (not adaptive one) for calling a service on XI. We are reusing the same service for loading the data and also sending them back to the backend to modify, delete or add new elements. Request and response tree structure consist basically of the same structure.

Now everything works fine so far except adding a new element to the model tree.

So what are we doing:

After calling the service for reading (and invalidate on the response), we copy the received data from response node into the request node. All the view forms are bound to the model elements in the request.

Modifying single attributes worked just fine (from dialog and programatically). A new element we add to the model tree shows up in the dialog and seems to work equally fine, but when we trigger the service call to send the collected data, every change to the model data is send except the new added element. It just won't be send.

What's the problem here? Seems to me this must be somehow related to the supplying relation role maybe.

What code do you need to look at and how do I mark code in the new forum editor so it gets displayed properly formatted?



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Can you tell me which code are you using currently for transferrring the data? It might help me to figure out what your problem is.