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Can SAP's OData Framework be used as API endpoint?

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Hello together,

can the OData Interfaces be seen as alternative of RFC? Because it seems OData is only an interface for browser-based apps like UI5, but it cannot be used for API endpoints.

According to following reference, OData is not really REST-full since its not stateless due to the usage of cookies. Also the X-CSRF-Token is actually only designed for browser:

How do you see SAP's OData? Is there maybe differences between RAP-OData and the ODatas you create via Tx SEGW? Background is, I hear concerns in my company regarding security standards and that such interfaces actually cannot be used as API endpoints.

Thank you.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP offers APIs that are specifically built for application-to-application communication, see

The majority of these APIs are OData APIs, and for S/4HANA they can be seen as successors of RFCs and BAPIs for synchronous A2A communication.

Building your own web APIs with RAP offers many out-of-the-box benefits that you don't get when directly using the underlying SICF, especially for following security standards.


Thank you, we'll try the RAP-OData after thomas' hint about the free-style web-service.