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can Redwood share?

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My agency went out and purchased the full version of CPS. Now they are asking me to implement it. So i've started to read materials and trying to figure out where I can slip it into the landscape. I'm reading the sizing and noticing it requires allot of space and processing power on its own. At first I was thining of sticking it on a SOLMAN box we have but this is sued for our Charm.

Everyone out there, how do you have yours installed? Are you sharing with any other services/products?

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Found my answer


3 Initial Sizing for SAP Central Process Scheduling







1) The centralized control provided by SAP CPS means that, typically, only a single Central Server is required for a production environment. Furthermore, processing effort itself is carried out by remote systems running the SAP CPS agent software or by the servers that host the business applications for which workload is being managed. The server on which the Central Server resides does not run the actual background tasks; therefore it is not necessary to deploy multiple Central Servers to achieve high levels of throughput and scalability. It is rare for a customer to run multiple production SAP CPS Central Servers. 2) Although the SAP CPS Central Server does not have to run on a stand alone server, most customers do provide a separate machine. It is recommended that SAP CPS is installed into a dedicated SAP NetWeaver instance in order to minimize downtime imposed by other components in the environment.

3) These guidelines are based on the use of a single Central Server running on a standalone server in a dedicated SAP NetWeaver instance managing all SAP systems.

Note that sizing and tuning of the underlying SAP NetWeaver environment is not covered by this document. Please refer to the appropriate SAP information for these aspects.