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Can "Create Internal Leaf" be done for multiple nodes of a hierarchy

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Dear all,

Since MDM cannot associate main table record to non-leaf node in a hierarchical lookup table, I need to create internal leaf nodes for those non-leaf nodes. But the number of target non-leaf nodes is really huge. Is it possible to select all of them and create internal leaves all together?

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I think if we can create hierachy by levels not thru parent-child way but split hierarchy creation, the the level 2 or level 3 (last level of any hierarchy)should become a leaf node.

I tried that but it is creating 'Null' for leaf nodes. i.e. not stopping at level 2 or 3 while creating hierachy. If we can get a workaround to stop 'Null' creation , problem can be resolved. I am in sp4.

I will be interested to know the resolution