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Can not be converted in type INT4

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I am facing error while loading standard cube "0TCT_C02" from standard datasource "0TCT_DS01". It was loading successfully from many days. But its is failing from past few days.

Values are loading for particler field (INT4) are like ... 33.844.950,000000, 5.070.212,000000, 1.838.077,000000, 133.017.423,000000,and 3.739.082.831,000000,,000000.

all are loading success ful except for last 2 records..3.739.082.831,000000,,000000( Here total no.of digits comeing 10 all are max 9 digits)

And I'm getting following error message.

"Record 550 :Contents from field EVCOUNT cannot be converted in type INT4 -> "

only 2 records getting error, how we can change that 2 data records IN PSA and I can up load to data target, Can any one please guide.

Please help me in resolvnig issue. If PSA should be edited manually, Please suggest some solution.

Thanks ,



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Go to psa and find out these erroneous records and then select that particular row in psa and then click on edit and then change the value repeat the same procedure for other record as well and save the records.

ONCE You are done with the above steps then run DTP to load the data further.

Check the below thread especially a post by anindya.

Hope it helps.



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Thanks AL.

My small doubt is, how i can change last records- last 2 records..3.739.082.831,000000,,000000 in psa and update to data target..? (wether i need to delet cama like 3.739.082.831,000000 =3739082831,000000 like that ok or not ..if i do like this it will upload or not) Can plz conform.


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just delete the last 0 no need to delete Commas .

There is another option , I am not sure whether it works for keyfigures .

in the mapping of keyfigure from DSO to cube , write a routine as

Data : KF1 type int .

Kf1 = source-fileds-(Keyfigure infoobject name )


check whether this works , so that there is no need to change records in PSA .

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