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Can image be displayed and stored in Formatted text edit?

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Hi Everyone,

Formatted Text Edit can set text's font, style, color and so on.

The link is:

For Formatted Text Edit, user can input text in text area,

Can image be displayed and stored in text area of Formatted Text Edit?

I got a task to enhance Formatted Text Edit.

The goal is to display and store image in text area of Formatted Text Edit.

I think there are two solutions:

(1). Directly enhance Formatted Text Edit, display and store image in Formatted Edit. (Is it possilble in Tech? I am not sure)

(2). Use office control, which embeds MS word in Web Dynpro. (but I think office control has performance problem, it isn't stable.)

Who can give me some suggestions about the two solutions?

Thanks in advance, and wait for your reply.

Best Regards,


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The supported tags for the FormattedText* fields are listed here:

IMG is a supported tag. However there is no built in functionality of the FormattedTextEdit to upload images or insert the img tag. You would have to add this logic programatically from outside the FormattedTextEdit.

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Many thanks to Mr. Jung,

Your words pull me back to the right way,

Thanks a lot,