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Can I use HANA synonyms (.hdbsynonym files) to map the column names of a table


Greetings, community experts.

Well, my scenario is this:

I have a CAP project where I access tables from another HDI container (my project's HDI container also has its own tables).

And the question is quite specific:

I would like to map the names of the external tables, and above all, the names of the columns, to other names established by me.

I understand that with HANA synonyms you can do that. However, I can't find an example of a synonym file (.hdbsynonym and/or hdbsynonymconfig) where the mapping of the column names is done as well (just the table name).

What I would like is to have an example of one of these files (which in the end are JSON), to see the structure or syntax that must be specified.

Thank you very much in advance for any response and/or comments.

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