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Can i use BDocs in XI

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Using XI i want to communicate to CRM system. Is it possible to use BDOCs in XI. IF yes please let me know if there are any examples available.



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Answers (4)

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No,BDOCS is only with CRM...

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thanks for ur response

Hoo we cant use BDocs in XI to communicate to CRM? So if i want to update any BP field that how can i do that



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You can use proxy in your case.

CRM internally use Bdocs but externally you can use IDOC's to integrate CRM with XI.



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Hi Sowmya,

BDOCS: Business Documents are the semantical layer for the whole CRM, regardless of implementation details. A major achievement of a semantical layer is, that the need for point-to-point mappings are eliminated. Using BDocs mean fast integration of applications. The definition of Business Documents (BDoc) does not contain implementation details. It differs depending on the underlying technology, so that the optimal representation of a BDoc can be used:

Implementation examples:

• CRM Server: Internal tables

• Laptops: ADO record sets

• Non-SAP System: XML Decoupling of Messaging

An Intermediate Document (IDoc) is a SAP standard format for data transfer between systems.

IDocs are mainly used for Application Link Enabling (ALE) and for Electronic Data Interchange

(EDI). They are not used for processing inside an application.

Business Documents (BDocs) are used by the CRM Middleware to exchange data with mobile

clients. Furthermore BDocs are the central data structure to process business objects internally.

In contrast to Idocs, for which the internal processing has to be implemented manually, the coding to

process BDoc may be generated automatically.

Business Document

tRFC or qRFC

Usage in CRM for data exchange

Possibly complex data structures

both in transport and processing

Runtime objects, e.g. services

generated from BDoc repository


Internally created

Uses delta field communication

Intermediate Document


Usage in ALE and EDI

Consisting of

control record

data record

status record


Transfers all fields

Check the link for more details..

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U can use IDOC for CRM integration. just refer the below thread for the same discussion.