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Can I generate a PDF of the current WD4A window that is being displayed?

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I want to generate a PDF out of the current WD4A window that is currently being displayed. A sort of print preview of the current window on how is it would look like if it were converted into a PDF. I am not sure if the CL_WD_ADOBE_SERVICES helps. I also need the formatting information in the window.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Harish,

There is no WDA feature to achieve this as the server can't tell how the screen looks like at the client. There are various settings within the browser (e.g. font size, etc) that determine this. Moreover, there are additional (small) differences depending on the browser used.

Nonetheless, there are tools that can be downloaded/bought that are able to convert the content of a browser window to a pdf. Unfortunately, I don't have a link available, but googling for it might point you to some places.

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