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can i export particular development class.

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Dear Expertise,

Is there any way that i can export a particular development class from my dev system and import The same in our sandbox.the software and other particulars of the dev system are

windows 2k3+sp2,Oracle,SAP 4.7ee

Thanks in advance

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Answers (3)

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Hi All,

Thankyou very much for providing me an encouraging ,promt and valuable advice. I will definitely try it and let you know the status.

Best Regards

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I have a similar problem

I changed transport routes in my system from 2 to 3 system landscape.

unfortunately somehow a package/development class was assinged to the wrong transport layer & as a result when users release their request its taken as Local Change Request ie dosent appear in the import queue of the QA system

using SE80 I assinged the package to the correct transport layer & it prompted for a change request . The request goes to the local change request queue when I try to release I get the message Not All Objects In The Request Could Be Locked

Kindly assist

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Development class (now called package) can be edited in SE80 and changes to it can be transported as normal customizing and workbench changes.



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Hi Venkata

You can not export the DevClass. But you can transport the DevClass (only the DevClass or with all dependent objects).

You do this as follows:

- Call transaction SE80

- Select the particular DevClass

- Point the curser to the DevClass, press right mouse button an select "Write Transport Entry"

- Then you can select to transport all objects in the DevClass or only the DevClass

- Release Transport Request an import into sandbox system

If the sandbox system has not the same transport drectory, copy the co- and datafile to the transport directory from sandbox system.