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can i do delta initialization for ods,cube ?????

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Hi experts please explin this,

Here my question is can i do delta initialization for ods,cube without deliting the previous delata requests?

If i do what will happen for cube ?

and for ods ? what is the difference,

Suppose if i done init delta for ods and cube where will problem comes.

Please give me clear explation ,I will give good rewards.

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without deleting the DELTA INITIALIZATION, you cannot have another DELTA INITIALIZATION.

If you delete the Delta Initialization Flag, it is as good as saying u lost or deleted the delta queue.

Can you tell me, what is that you are exactly looking for. Is it that, you want to move data from ODS to Cube or any other scenario.



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Why do you want to do an Init again when delta is going fine ?

What you can do is ...

Send this data into another similar cube/ODS and then delete the data in the cube and then load the old data again and then you can do the init and continue with delta.


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Do you mean you want to have a delta init from an InfoSource to an ODS and a Cube? I don't understand very well the scenario you describe.

You can only have different delta initializations from the same InfoSource if they have different selection conditions (and not overlapping!). If you can't achieve that, then I'm afraid you'll need to use the same delta init for both data targets.

If your source is an ODS, then things are much easier! You only need to "complete" the different data targets to use the same delta initialization.

Hope it helps,