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Can i create new folder under the "root" folder in KM repository

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any body know?

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Hi Matthias,

It is not possible to merge Repositories.

You could implement a custom Repository Manager which merges Repositories. But irrespective of the technical challenges I suppose this would be too much effort...

Regards, Alex

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sorry, i think i explain it not enough:

for example i have two WebDavRep.:



so they are in root:

now i want that these repositories are in /documents/enterpriseFiles/

i tested it with links



this works under enterpriseFiles i find the two WebDavRep.

Now the Problem:

in a navigation iview /documents/enterpriseFiles

the Folders linkwebdav1 and linkwebdav2 are shown. They are also shown if the user have no permissions an this repository. When they click on it they get an error, but it is not nice that these folders are shown for these users.

Is there any solution that these folders are not shown if the user have no permissions on the source like it is in the KM-Content?

The Problem is that the permissions are not checked for the link(folder)!



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Hi Mathis,

Create a custom layout (Admin Layout Explorer).

Disable the Go to Menu in this custom explorer so that person can not go back to root folder.

Create a iView using this Layout template and add the folder path as /documents/enterpriseFiles/linkwebdav1

Assign this new iView to the people who has access to this repository path so that they will only able to see this.

Please let me know if this helps!!!