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Can existing KM TREX be used for NAKISA embedded search?

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Hi, my customer is now considering about to implement NAKISA.

They already use KM with TREX.

NAKISA also requires TREX (embedded search).

Customer does not want to increase TREX server. So, they want to put together TREX server.

My question is,

is it available that existing standalone TREX can be reused for both NAKISA and KM?

If it is not available, please let me know the reason why existing TREX can not be used, especially I need technical aspects of reason.

ex.)  Standalone TREX has not enough function for NAKISA embedded search.

Thank you and kind regards.


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Hi Mizuka.

You can share TREX with NAKISA if you do not mind KM searches returning results to NAKISA.  When you work in the ABAP world using the Search API you include SID and client in the index name the API filters out indices that do not have SID and client in the name.  There is no such functionality in KM and I do not know what will happen if NAKISA results are sent to the KM system.

Best regards,


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Hi Mizuka,

STVN SuccessionPlanning does not require TREX. Enterprise such is used by components of SAP HCM Talent Management and STVN SuccessionPlanning leverages these searches. Therefore, your query is not specific to Nakisa but to SAP HCM Talent Management (component EA-HRGXX). I have moved it to the Enterprise Search forum because you will get better information there.

Best regards,


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Dear Mizuka Noda,

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Thank you Dileep,

By the way, what about performance?

I heard from some colleagues that there should be performance issue when we use same TREX for several applications.

Do you know which kinds of load will be overloaded to TREX server when used for NAKISA and KM?

Many thanks and kind regards.