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can crosstab show multiple objects in top header?

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can crosstab show multiple objects in top header?

for example, the data showed as :

customer  city name  city value	 product name  product value
    A	        Paris	     1	        food	         N
    A	        London	     2	        milk	         T
    B	        London	     3	        food	         E
    B	        Paris	     4	        milk	         M
    C	        London	     6	        food	         W
    C	        Paris	     3	        milk	         Q
    D	        London	     1	        food	         E
    D	        Paris	     2	        milk	         R

i want show these data in crosstab, and customer is the left header, city name and product name are the top header, and city value and product value are measures in the crosstab,

and i want show the data as below:

	London	Paris	food	milk
A	2	1	N	T
B	3	4	E	M
C	6	3	W	Q
D	1	2	E	R

but actually i got below result in crosstab:

	London	food	London	milk	Paris	food	Paris	milk	
A			2	T	1	N			
B	3	E					4	M	
C	6	W					3	Q	
D	1	E					2	R	

anyone can help me on this?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Did you choose Turn to option change vertical report to cross tab report

Try this one..

Drop the cross tab template in work area then drop the objects as per your requirement. You get the correct result.

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Create a crosstab with customer and the dimension.

Then add food and milk next to customer.

You can modify the background color for food and milk if you find it necessary


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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a) Create 2 cross tab adjustment to each other.

b) In both the table take Customer as a column.

c) In first table use City Name dimension in table header and in second table Product name as a table header.

d) Hide the Customer column in the second table via table property. ( Property< Display < Show left Header)

E) Keep the relative Position of both the table zero.

Please take care of the formating and relative position of both the cross tab.

This will be dynamically take the value and will not impact any thing even if data get changed or added in the database.

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Can you see this image?

The steps I did to get it were:

1. Insert a crosstab. In the first column put this formula


2. In the blue row cell do not put the city name directly but this formula:


3. Add 3 columns. In each blue cell (header cells) put this formulas: ="Paris", ="food"

, ="*milk*"

4. Now, in the white cells:

In the first column put this formula:

 =Max([city_value] Where ([city_name]="London"))

In the second

 =Max([city_value] Where ([city_name]="Paris"))

In the third column:

=Max([product value] Where ([product_name]="food"))

In the fourth column:

=Max([product value] Where ([product_name]="milk"))

Sadly this is not dynamic as you can see, but is the only way to achieve what you want to display.

Otherwise better follow the advice by the other posters.

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thanks all

I need to show the data dymatically, cause the city name and product name may change every day.