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Can BW drop and reload from archived COPA?

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Hello Colleagues,

We are currently on ECC, but will be moving to S/4HANA in the next few years. This question applies to both.

We will be implementing COPA archiving. We have done a couple of BW drop-and-reloads for COPA. Once COPA is archived, how will a drop-and-reload work? Can it read from the archive?


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Hi Patricia - not sure if you got an answer to this elsewhere, but in short no - BW cannot read from the archive as standard. If you 'drop and reload' the reload will only include data in the live database. It's not impossible to create BW data cubes from archived data using archive infostructures and the like, but it's not standard.



Hi Chris,

Yours is the only response or info I've received. Thanks!