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can anyone explain about DXC method in SAP HANA

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Can anyone explain step by step process about DXC methodology in HANA ? what is the use ? please share the information.

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Hi Vijay,

DXC is a data provisioning technique that can be used to replicate data from Business Suite Systems to SAP HANA over a HTTP connection.

It uses embedded BW present in Suite Systems and uses Extraction and Monitoring properties of BW.

To use this you need atleast ECC 6.0

The main benefits of DXC are - it is very simple, uses existing BW extractors and is fast

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thanks vivek,

everytime you are sharing valuable information.

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This is quite a broad question which is difficult to be answered in a discussion reply... To understand what is DXC go through this blog

To understand how ; I will suggest you to read DXC guide

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thanks for sharing the information