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Can a Deployable Proxy be called from Login Module?

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Is it possible to call a deployed proxy from a customized login module. We have created both but have been unable call it fromt the logon module. We have tried this code:

javax.naming.Context context = new javax.naming.InitialContext(); service = ( context.lookup("java:comp/env/A3ServiceProxy");

But receive the error:

NamingException: Object not found in lookup of A3ServiceProxy.

Any help would be much appreciated...

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Hi Tom,

the naming convention for accessing deployable proxies is "/wsclients/proxies/<provider name>/<ApplicationName>/<ProxyName>"

for details have a look at

best regards,


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Thanks, I'm familiar with the post you recommend. We used it to create a web project and add a reference to our proxy for testing. Unfortunately the issue we have is not understanding how to add a reference to the proxy in our Login Module ( a Java Project). Since there is no web-j2ee-engine.xml or application-j2ee-engine.xml files I'm not sure how to proceed. Could you possibly steer me in the right direction?

Thanks again.

- Tom

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Which version of the J2EE engine are you running? Are you deploying your projects directly from the IDE?

One way to achieve what you're talking about is to go to the development configurations view in the IDE, open the component from which you want to access the proxy, and in the DC Metadata -> DC Definition -> Used DC's, you should see all the projects to which this component has a reference. Simply right click the Used DC's folder, and select 'add used DC', and then choose the proxy component.

Hope this helps,



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Thanks to all for your help. We tried each of the suggestions without total success. I'm sure most of the problem has been rookie mistakes.

Anyway here is how we solved this issue:

1. Develop your Custom Login Module according to the help documents:

2. Create a Standalone Proxy project not Deployable (We could never get the deployable to work in this scenario).

2. Include the Standalone Proxy jar in the build path of the Login Module project.

3. Open the server/provide.xml file of the Login Module Library:

a. Go to the Jars tab and add the Standalone Proxy jar.

b. Change to the References Tab, click Add, choose

select library/interface/service, then check

webservices and webservices_lib.

4. Deploy the Login Module Library project.

Note – Make sure to follow the directions in the help link shown above for all of the steps on the Login Module creation and deployment.

A neat trick we discovered after deployment of the Login Module Library to avoid a restart of the J2EE server is this:

1. Pull up the Visual Administrator.

2. Under the Cluster Tab->Select your Server->Services->Security Provider

3. Go To the Runtime Tab->Policy Configuration Tab->Under Components select the application (We are using the Ticket Login Module Stack).

4. Then modify the Flag setting for your Login Module ( I would switch to Optional and then back to Requisite).

5. Now retest and your login module change should be live.

Hope this helps anyone coming behind. We found it difficult to find people who had specifically incorporated a web service into their login module on a SAP Portal.