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Camera Access permission on Attachment Control

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Hello Experts,

When we attaching the photos(via camera or Photo library) it was asking for the permissions as shown attache image.

Could you please help how we can grant the permission by default with out asking user to provide access.

We know this is one time activity when we try to attach photo for first time.

if in case user by mistakenly denied the permission he won't be able to attach until he allow the permission via mobile settings.

to avoid this we are looking options to provide access to photo library/ camera by default.

Please advise on this further?

@bill_froelich  Please advise?

MDK : 24.4.1




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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I do not believe there is a way to override the permission prompt from the OS to enable the permission by default.  That kind of defeats the purpose of the prompt.  You may be able to add a check for the permissions and notify the user accordingly in your app but I have not tried that before.

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Thanks @bill_froelich any sample code to check for the permissions please advise ?