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Calling another component as popup window and return values do main window

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Hello all,

I have a window that shows a form with code name (pernr) and description (Name text). Above of this form I have a button to allow the user to open a popup window to search for a user by name text and after selecting it, the result of the selection should returns to the main window with the value chosen from the user on the popup window.

The component for the popup window is already done. I only need the step by step to integrate this component (ZWD_SEARCH) into the main component (ZWD_FORM).

thanks in advance,

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You do this by creating a component usage of the search component in the main component. Do the following:

  • mark the search window in the search component as an interface window (there is a flag for that)
  • create a component controller node or method that will store/return the search result. make sure this node/method is marked as an interface node/method
  • add the usage of the search component into your main component
  • you will be able to see the search window as a view in your main component
  • in the method that handles the button, call a pop-up displaying a window that contains the search view
  • in the pop-up "close" handler, call the search component method that returns the search result and fill the values in the main component's fields
  • alternatively, if you are using interface nodes, all you need to do is map the interface node that contains the result to the main compenent node that displays the results.

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