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Calling an SAP transaction from a BSP page

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Hi, I have created some BSP pages that are rendered inside SAPGUI screens using a HTML control object. When looking at a CRM system I came across the Business Partner Cockpit (CRMD_ORDER_BP) which displays activities for a business partner using a BSP implemented by CL_CRM_CCKPT_CFS_SERVICE_HTTP.

The interesting thing about this BSP, is that you can click on the transaction number in the BSP and it launches the appropriate SAPGUI transaction to display the details of this activity.

Looking at the HTML source, the link is defined like this: -

<a href="SAPEVENT:OBJTYPE=BUS2000115&OBJKEY=CDAEBBF5BD903E4390DA7984D3054A65">0920000086</a>

In the above example this activity is a sales order.

Can anyone help me understand how this works, and how I can use it to navigate to SAP transactions using links in my BSP pages that are placed in SAPGUI HTML controls?



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Life is so much easier if one just reads a little documentation.

(1) Within SE80, use the menu Environment>Examples>Controls. In the left tree that will appear, just click through the examples.

(2) Thereafter read SAP Note 191908

I suppose if you search through you will find additional hits galore.

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Thanks Brian. You're a legend.

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Hi Graham!

I have a similar problem in transaction CIC0 and the Sales summary tab in CRM.

I have created a new class and assigned it to a new fact sheet. One column in this fact sheet should be a hyperlink defined in the way that you have described.

When using method get_event_parameter I are not getting any data for the SAPEVENT parameters - I don't get the value, only the keys:


How should I procced to assign an object type and object key to this SAPEVENT???

Would also be very nice if anyone could explain how to "call transaction" works.

Help understanding this would be very appreciated.



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Hi Graham,

from usual HTML point of view this sentence:

<a href="SAPEVENT:OBJTYPE=BUS2000115....

Does not make much sense. There must be moniker SAPEVENT defined for the browser. Normally there is no such moniker so the browser will not know which address to request.

However when you run your application within the SAPGUI HTMLViewer it seems that this moniker is defined. For the details please see the HTMLViever documentation, actually this is not a "BSP question".

Only thing I can state: This should not work from the usual browser, only from within the SAPGUI.