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Calling a BSP application from universal worklist

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Hi All,

I want to call a BSP application, when a workitem is clicked in Universal Worklist(Enterprise Portal)

I have configured the Task Type in SWFVISU transaction, with Visualization type BSP standard & in visualization parameter i entered,

APPLICATION = zgelrbsp0001

PAGE_ID = leso.htm

When I click on the workitem my test BSP application is called. Buy my requirement is not call a static dynamic application, when the workflow is called the workflow container has a URL

this URL will change. But I don't know how to configure to call the URL in container. Please let me know how to achieve this.


H.K.Hayath Basha.

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Hi Raja,

Thanks for the reply.

I said wrongly in my earlier mai, my URL is static, but the parameter appl_id will have different value.

What I have done is similar to the one which you have said, copied the standard BSP and modified, I pass WORKITEM ID to the BSP application, BSP application reads the workflow container for appl_id and sets that value to the BSP application attribute.

There should be a better way to do this.


H.K.Hayath Basha.

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Look at [this blog|] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken];. It will help you how to pass the dynamic values to the Parameters.

This blog is for Webdynpro but you can do the same for BSP too (only syntax difference)