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Call XI webservice from external system

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I found this WSDL in XI. How can I use that from an external system to call the BAPI routine?

see <a href="">screen print</a>

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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please go thru the link below and see if u have followed the steps mentioned in it while defining the web service. if it still doesn’t help you, please do give a little more detail about the scenario you are doing...

You can create SOAP Request from WSDL using the following tool.

You've to expose your outbound message interface as a WSDL which can be used by say EP.

Also go thru the following threads

In any B2B scenario, you're going to have stricter security requirements. XI and other SAP applications in the vast majority of cases reside within the internal network of a company, as I'm sure it does for your company A. It is recommended to have some kind of reverse proxy/web switch hardware/software residing in the DMZ to intercept the external request. Direct requests (especially HTTP) by most, if not all, companies will not be allowed to freely pass to applications within a company's intranet.

SAP has something called the Web Dispatcher that is commonly used for such a purpose. You can find more info on it at the following link:

You'll also find some visuals and more security related topics at the following link:

In addition, you'll probably require a more secure transport protocol like HTTPS/SSL as well.



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Answers (1)

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Hi Jan,

You have to build the configuration objects in Integration Directory of XI to make a call to this BAPI from your External System.

In the Integration Repository of XI

You previously have imported the structure of the BAPI into your IR. If there is no transformation of structures is required, you don't have to build any other objects in IR.

In the ID follow these Steps

Create a Scenario and assign the R/3 Business System (Where BAPI resides). Create a Receiver RFC Communication Channel.

Create a Business Service for your external System. Assign your BAPI (BAPI_Company_GetList) to the Sender Tab of the Business Service. Create a Soap Sender Communication Channel with QOS as BE.

Create Receiver Determination with Business Service as Sender and R/3 Business System as Receiver.

Create Interface Determination with <b>no mapping</b>.

Crete Receiver Agreement with RFC receiver CC.

Create Sender Agreement with SOAP Sender CC.

Activate all your objects.

Use the Tools-->Define Web Service Wizard to define your Web service.

Import this webservice into your external system and make a synchronous call to this BAPI.

Hope this helps.


Sam Raju