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Call SAP function from BSP

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Hi BSP Gurus,

I am new to BSP World.

I was told that review the existing BSP module and modify the SAP function module to take care of the new business unit.

Now my question is where to start ? I need to know the existing BSP module ? How would I know what SAP function is being called from BSP ?

Please help.

With regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Pranav,

What I understood from your query is that there is an existing BSP applicaiton. Hoping that this BSP application is Custom one and not the SAP standard application. You are required to change one of the function modules in this BSP application to meet the new business requirements.

If my understanding is correct then follow following steps, which will help you to get your results -

1. In the <i><b>SE80</b></i> transaction, select from the Repository dropdown <i><b>Business Server Pages</b></i> & give the name of your BSP application.

2. Try to identify which kind of BSP application is yours like BSP with MVC Pattern or Pages with Flow logic pattern etc.

3. Use the search icon and look for your function module by giving its name in the search in Main Program.

4. Once you get the function module, you can review and do the necessary changes. As per function module is concern, there is no difference between using function module in BSP and using it in ABAP editor SE38.

Hope this helps you.

PS If the answer solves your query, plz close the thread by marking it Solved and rewarding each reply.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Another way to know, use <b>Where-used</b> list for particular function module (SE37). It will bring you list of Classes and BSP's are used for particular function module.



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If you are looking for the FM's that are called in your existing BSP module try and look into the Event handler tab, of your BSP Pages....

Also just to let you know, BSP follows more of an Object oriented approach and uses Classes and their methods.

To know more about BSP...follow the links mentioned above.

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Don't forget that you can also call function modules remotely via RFC.

Check for details.



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