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Call a RFC in ABAP RAP save sequence


Hello All, Hello @Andre_Fischer 

Does anyone know if it is possible to call an RFC (using a destination) in the RAP save sequence to persist data in another SAP system?

I tried to call an RFC in the additional_save or save_modified of (un)managed RAP BO, but in all scenarios, the system generates a short dump. Calling a function module using a destination is not allowed as it triggers an implicit commit, which is forbidden.

Thanks in advance!





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If you want to call a function in another system, you can build the OData service (SEGW or RAP) directly in the target system and set the logical system when activating the service in /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE or /IWFND/V4_ADMIN. The OData calls are then forwarded directly to the system.

If you want to bypass the RAP restrictions regarding RFC and UPDATE TASK, you can use CALL FUNCTION '...' STARTING NEW TASK. If you specify a callback function ([{CALLING meth}|{PERFORMING subr} ON END OF TASK]), you can wait for the result of the parallel process.

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Thnx for the response, wee need to call a RFC using a WebRFC from a S/4 Public system which is just a difference use case when calling it from a on-premise system.