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Call a PAL function within a view in HANA?

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Hi community!

Does anyone know how you can integrate the call of a PAL function (e.g tripple exponential smoothing) into a HANA view?  I guess this must be achievable in a CE Script?

Business scenario: we would like to show a time series based prediction on a Design Studio dashboard. Because the datasource is near-realtime and rapidly changing, we would like to calculate the PAL function on applications request. how can this be achieved?

Furthermore I was not able to integrate ordinary db views in an analytical-view (it seems to only support tables? does anyone know the reason why?)

thanks a lot!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Mohler,

PAL is ultimately some set of database procedures . If you want to use it as HANA View, you may need to right scripted views and consume the same.

Analytic views are typically defined on at least one fact table that contains transactional data. Using analytic views you can create a selection of measures—sometimes referred to as key figures—, add attributes and join attribute views. Analytic views leverage the computing power of SAP HANA to calculate aggregate data, e. g., the number of cars sold per country, or the maximum power consumed per day.

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