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Calendar control not working .Net version 11

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I have an app which incorporates Crystal Viewer via a .net app. I recently migrated to a new server and ever since the reports I have with Calendar controls dont work - actually the reports work but the prompting engine is having issues.

When the page loads the calendar gif is there and there are some additional images with the properties below.


When I click on the calendar - I get a javascript error (object expected) and hovering over the calendar image shows "javascript:donothing()"

I have checked all permissions that I can think of in the

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Business Objects\3.0\crystalreportviewers11 path and it all seems good.

I have run procmon on the server and checked for any weird issues. There was actually an access denied on the www services when it was trying to set a reg key under crystal. I added the necessary permissions thinking that this would fix, but I still ahv ethe same issue.

I killed the app from ram, restarted the server - still no good.

I have "repaired" the Crystall 11 Server and the .Net framework 2.0 installations

It seems like all of the required files / paths are there. I am totally hosed here. I cant think of anything else.

There seems to be some sort of server side error rendering the viewer portion of the page - is there an error log somewhere?

Im not sure which components its trying to access so Im having a had time troubleshooting.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Most likely the issue is that the app does not have access to the prompting folder under the crystalreportviewers11folder.

See [this|] article on how to configure the viewers folder (page 7). Charles is a good utility to troubleshoot these types of issues:

Fiddler is also a good utility for htis:


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