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calendar component

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I want my user to select the date range in dashboard. I am using calendar component for that. The user will select the "From date" and the "To date".

I have a table in my excel sheet (within the dashboard). Based on the date the user selects the data in the table must be filtered and displayed in the datshboard via a ListView.

I have a challenge here,

1. When a user select a date (Ex: 24/06/2012) then in the destination cell of the excel sheet only some numeric value appears instead of date. Why is this so ? How to overcome this, also, based on this selected date, i need to apply this date as the filter for my ListView.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Lakshminarasimhan,

By default excel destination cell has General number format, change excel destination cell number format as "Short date" and map it again, you will get selected date in that cell.




Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Lakshminarasimhan N

Its just a cell formatting issue

In the destination cell Right click and select  Format cells Options

Right Click-->Format Cells-->Number-->Date

Then select the Date format you want.Then Excel sheet displays Date correctly

To filter for list View

Select the date column values  as labels to combo box

In the Insertion type set Filtered rows

Take the source data and set Destination data for combo box

In the common tab under behavior tab of combo box

Under Selected Item

Set    Type = Labels

         Item= Destination cell of user selected date

Then combo box filters the data based on the selected date

Give this data as Display data for List view

Hope u understand



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why should u not try this function:=TEXT(G1,"M/d/yyyy")

where g1 is destination of your calender cell. nd u can also try =TEXT(G1,"MM/dd/yyyy")

can u share which format prompt are u getting in Bex.