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Calculating the overdue based on lead months and quantity coming from different rows

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Hello experts,

I have a requirement where i have to calculate the Overdue quantity in crosstab based on some complex logic, explained below:

For the overdue calculation, formula is made up of two parts: Part A + Part B

Part A = Take the overdue of previous row and multiply it with current BOM
Note: When we are calculating the first overdue, it won't have any previous overdue, but same formula will apply, Part A will become 0, since 0 * BOM = 0.

Part B = Look at the Lead months for the previous row. Eg. if it says 4, then for previous row, add the first 4 months data (eg. this is June month, so June data + July data + august data + September data). Once done, multiply it with current BOM.

then your overdue for the current month would be equal to Part A + Part B.

@nscheaffer please help here

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This is more involved than I have time for right now. I'll leave this one to someone else. Or reach out to your authorized SAP Support Provider.
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What steps have you taken yourself to solve this problem?
Break the requirement down into small parts and insert new formulas into your table step by step to check the desired result.