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Calculated Key Figure for If Calmonth condition

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Hello Friends. Please help me with the issue with below approach suggested by sdn expert which does not work.

I want to display like below


Actual X X ...

Budget Y Y ...

Where X and Y are the below calculated measures CKF1CKF2CKF3... +CKF12

Design of X Which will also be same for Y

1 Create Restricted key figures FOR Actuals RKF_Jan, RKF_Feb, RKF_Mar, RKF_Apr... with Revenue and calmonth restricted with Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr and so on for all 12 months.

2. Create a Calculated key figure CKF1 with the formula RKF_Jan/(RKF_JanRKF_FebRKF_Mar) CKF2 RKF_feb/(RKF_JanRKF_FebRKF_Mar) CKF3 RKF_march/(RKF_JanRKF_FebRKF_Mar)

Similarly create a Calculated key figure CKF4 RKF_Aprl/(RKF_MarRKF_AprRKF_Mayso on for all 12 months

3 This is the final requirement formula that I need help to put as 1 key figure

**Problem that exist or ISSUE That I face with this approach is that when its Jan THEN RKF_JanRKF_FebRKF_Mar Will always give me Jan and does not add the 3 months similaryt for feb it will never add 3 months since in that cell as per layout it will not hhave values for other months so How do I solve this issue so MY division my JAN FEB MAR IS ALWAYS ADDED FOR EACH CELL ** so How do I say if Calmonth = Jan , then CKF1 if Calmonth = Feb, then CKF2 if Calmonth = March then CKF3 , if Calmonth = March then CKF4 AND SO ON for 12 months

I am not able to type IF or Then in Calculated or formula variable in bex

Can u please correct my syntax to correct code highlighted in bold so I can put in bex. also where should i put this code help me in bex.

Edited by: soniya kapoor on Oct 1, 2009 8:30 PM

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Answers (1)

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Here Calmonth is characteristic, To convert the Characteristic into the KF you need to create a formula variable with the Processing type replacement path, and use this in the formula. In the report hide this Formula (Month Keyfigure).

Now create the if condition as below.

(Newformula ==1)*CKF1