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Calculated field in qualified table

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I have created three very simple calculations i qualified tables. The calculated field as well as the fields that make up the calculation are qualifiers.

None of the calculated fields are updated!

I have tried to hit the recalculate button and calculated fields in the main table work without problems.

Is this a known limitation? What can I do to trigger the update?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Alexandar

Calculated field option works fine for qualified field as well.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Everything worked when I deleted the fields and created them again.... The must have become corrupted some how.


Could it be that if one calculation "fails" or is undefined the entire record is not updated.

One of the calculated non-qualifiers is a concatenation just as in your example. It doesn't update.

The exact expression is TRIM_ALL( Name1 & " " & Name2 )

Another calculated non-qualifier, of type boolean, is based of non-qualifiers that are lookup tables. These lookup tables have two fields. Name and Flag, where FLAG is a boolean. The expression is

Table 1.Flag = TRUE AND Table 2.Flag = TRUE

I think that one of the flags is null. How does MDM handle that? Will the expression be TRUE/FALSE or UNDEFINED. I would like it to be FALSE. Do I have to test for NULL explicitly?

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This is not the case.

Suppose in Qualified table, you have 4 fields one Non-Qualifier and three Qualifiers say FNAME, LNAME and FULLNAME all of type text.

Now for Qualifier Field FULLNAME i define Property Calculated = Yes and In Calculation Expression I write as:


So on updating Qualifiers Value value of Qualifier Calculated field FULLNAME get updated.

Suppose intially for a record i have qualifiers value as


Mandeep Saini

FULLNAME = Mandeep;Saini

when i update value for these two qualifiers for the same record


Alexander Isacson

then value in for Qualifier field FULLNAME get updated to Alexander;Isacson

i tried this and it is working fine.

Hope it will Help you,

Rewards if found Useful....

Mandeep Saini