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Calculated field for CDS view in RAP

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Hi Experts,

I have two CDS (C_View selects data from I_View) and I need to define a virtual field in the child view I_View to be able to filter data in the parent view C_View by virtual field.

I've already tried the approach of marking field with annotations and calculating value in the global class:

@ObjectModel.readOnly: true<br>@ObjectModel.virtualElement: true <br>@ObjectModel.virtualElementCalculatedBy: 'ABAP:<CLASS>'

But in that case, the calculated value has an empty value in the C_View and I can't filter data.

Is it possible to use this approach to get the value for the virtual field in the views with a higher level?

Or maybe there are other methods to calculate values for fields in the CDS view.

Thanks and best regards.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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