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Calculate Expression: Systime()

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I've a question regarding the systime() function in the expression module within MDM. As this whole feature is poorly documented and also has no real error / exception handling I would like to know what Input parameter is expected by this function.

The result is "quite" obvious: It returns the System time in the format YYYY:MM:DD:HH:MM:SS: MS.

As input parameters I've tried, e.g "YYYYMMDD" in various combinations just to try if I am able to change the output format. The funny thing is: the function expects an input parameter, but really takes everything as long as it is not empty: just put in "ABCD" and it's happy....

So: Anybody an idea on this function or general documentation on this?

The underlying problem is: I'd like to compare the Systime with a TimeStamp or a GMTime field. As this does not include hours, minutes and so on, it will just work if you're using the "bigger than" or "smaller than" operation, but not the "bigger than or equal to" etc...

Any experience on that is welcome!



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SYSTIME returns date and time in UTC/GMT format.


Day is a positive integer parameter, eg 1 for tomorrow;

0 for today


(SYSTIME(0) - Creation Date) > 1

returns true if the record is older than 1 day

returns false if the record is not older than 1 day.

I agree with you the MDM Validation Functions are not documented at all. I wish SAP comes up with a good document with SP5.

Hope this helps.