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calculate average values excluding rows with 0 values

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Suppose I have the following column in a report like this:






at the bottom of this column, I want to add the average value. The average function in CR gives 1.8 of above data (because (2+3+0+4+0)/5 =1.8) . What I need is (2+3+4)/3=3 I want exclude all 0s when calculate average values. How can I do that in CR?

Thank you!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Gary,

Expand the Field Explorer > Right-click Running Total Field > New.

Choose this number column as the 'field to summarize'.

Choose 'Average' as the 'Type of summary'.

Under 'Evaluate', choose 'use a formula' and click the formula button beside it. Use this code inside the formula:

{Field_to_average} > 0

Drag and drop the Running Total on the Report Footer.


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Thanks Abhilash!  Work like a charm!

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