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Cal Yr/mth variable with intervals to show beggining & ending stock balance

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Hi All,

I have a report for which we show beginning and ending stock balance per calendar yr/month. The variable used is single entry.

Users wish to input calendar yr/month interval such that they get the same view for several months.

For example currently, the user can just enter say 08/2008 and he gets to see the report as:

Beginning balance | Goods Receipt | Goods Issue | Ending Balance

Required is:

User Entry: 08/2008 - 10/2008

08/2008 . 09/2008 . 10/2008

BB | GR | GI | EB . BB | GR | GI | EB . BB | GR | GI | EB

The issue that happens here is:

The stock quantities (all fields above) are restricted by the calendar yr/month. However it is a bit differernt in case of Beginning Balance. It has to be restricted by an offset of cal yr/month. In the current scenario (where user enters only one cal yr/month) if user enters say 08/2008, the BB is calculated based on previous month's ending balance and so for that in the key figure BB, we have to restrict it by '-1' offset for cal yr/month.

The interval variable messes up the report altogether if I restrict all the above fields by the interval variable instead of single entry. How do we apply same behaviour when the user inputs an interval?

Please provide any suggestions on this.


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I think it won't be simple to create such report dynamically and suggest you a simple way and let's us see whether your users can buy this option or not.

If they want to see always 3 months stock figures, then they can enter either 1st month or 3rd month.

Input is: Month (this canbe 1st month or 3rd month)

Create a structure which consists of 3 elements: 1st month, 2nd month & 3rd month

Restrict calmonth with variable offset i.e. for 2nd month, use variable offset by +1

Hope this helps.


Bala Koppuravuri