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CAF, Guided procedures and HR approval Workflow ?

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We are going to build some business process, for example absences approval, and I want to evaluate if CAF with Guided procedures could be a good option.

I see that I can perfect build de interfaces and the steps of the process but I dont' know if it's possible for example:

- for absence approval, we will get the apporval person from HR module, and depending on the level of the person this step could be approved by one person, or the approval process could be more than one. In this case we need to do a loop requesting approval until the person with level X has approved.

- The questions are, it's possible to get from RFC call the responible for approval and pass it to guided procedure on the fly ? (I supose that yes)

- It's possible to make "loops until" a condition in an step of the guided procedures ? (The number of approval steps will depend on each instance of the workflow)

This things are very normal in R/3 workflow engine, and I want to evaluate if guided procedures and CAF could be ok to make this kinds of approval processes

Thanks in advance and kind regards.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Xavier,

This is possible in GP to call wathever RFC from R/3 by using the External Service Callable Object.

You can get easily from your HR Module the manager of an employee if such an RFC exists. After that, you can fill the role "Manager" with the userID you retrieved previously.

But everything depends on the way you are getting the list of approvers. Do you get them one after another or do you get them as a list?

It is possible to model a loop until without any problem. You can use for that the result states. The only thing that you have to take care of is the model of your "stop" condition. This could be basically a background callable object which performs the check.

Hope this helps you.



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