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CABI 3.0 installation fails on Linux without any error logs

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I’ve been trying to install BO on Linux Box from morning. Initially there was issue with Oracle Client, as “LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/lib32:$ORACLE_HOME/lib” was not set. Then once I set these env variables, the installation hangs. Nothing moves forward.

Following are the steps I used

  1. Updated the Tnsnames.ora to include db details.
  2. Select the path cd /tmp/clarity_DVD1
  3. Then command ./
  4. Installation initiates
  5. Agreed to all Terms & condition
  6. Set the response file location as /export/home/clarbo/BOInstall/CommonReporting3/cabiresponse.ini
  7. Then set the installation location as /export/home/clarbo/BOInstall/CommonReporting3
  8. Select the Language English
  9. Select the type –New Installation
  10. Enter the information for new CMS – I left it to be default
  11. Then select database – Use Existing Database
  12. Select Oracle
  13. Enter information of CMS – ( from tnsnames. ora) Provided TNS Name, Username and password.

Once I click enter, it moves back to the original installer screen ( please see attached screenshot)

Linux Version: Linux 2.6.18-194.el5 x86_64

Oracle Client :

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Answers (2)

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what is CABI 3.0 ??
This is not a default product name for any of SAP BO packages , nor are the directories you specify belong to any Business Objects products.
Where did you get it ?
If you got it from a third party, not SAP, you need to work with that third party to understand what have they done to standard install package.

Also, make sure user you use for your CMS DB Oracle shema has Resorce and Connect roles.

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We have observed issues with installation of BO in *nix servers on oracle. I believe it would be better if you could run the install with default Db and then repoint the CMS to use the TNS string.

Please do keep the ports / firewalls open / disabled during the installation.

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What do you mean by default dB? we have BO installed in one server trying to connect to Db which is already existing in another server

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SAP has provided a default Database available with the installation. In this scenario the installer would install the Db (Sybase SQL) in the same server and bring up the servers as-is manner.

Later you can manually repoint the CMS to use the oracle connector to the oracle database.

Also ensure that the TNS Strings are communicating with oracle database(TNS ping).  Manually update the TNSORA file with the server entries to ensure proper communication.

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Thanks Arvind for your quick response.

Actually years back same Linux environment has been installed with BI3.0 with same linux package, oracle db, client.

We are trying to mirror the same setting in new Linux box of same version.

We are not sure why it worked earlier and not now

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I can understand your concerns here

Usually when it comes to *nix, SAP has always observed that the issue would be with regards to the environment variable, network communcation issues etc.

Hence I think it would be better to proceed with a default installation initially to ensure that the product has got installed perfectly and then move to looking into the aspect of connecting the CMS service to use Oracle Db.

Good Luck

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Thanks. Let me check that

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Thanks. Let me check and update you