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CA configuration and Client user management in Hyperledger Fabric Service in SAP Cloud Platform

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Hello everyone,

I'm facing with some gaps between Hyperledger Fabric Service on SAP Cloud Platform and original non-SAP Hyperledger Fabric solution. The big gaps here are regarding to CA, Org MSP configuration and client user management process in Hyperledger Fabric network topology. As known, through original solution, I must setup an CA server which will have responsibility to issue X509 Certificate and ID to any participant joining the network, together with org MSPs to mapped the CA with relevant orgs. The client users (as end users) will be registered as a participants through org admins. These users will keep their certificates and private keys to produce their transactions as invoke chaincode functions by theirselves. Now, on SAP Cloud Platform and Hyperledger Fabric service, I'm trying to map these components from original solution to cloud platform. But, it seems that we don't have CA and the ability to register client users or business users with the same original ways, so i'm also very concerned about how membership service provider (MSP) component worked in Hyperledger Fabric service.

So, can you provide me some ideas on these gaps as CA configuration and client users management (mainly on user register, authentication and authorization with their certificates, ids and key pairs) ?

Thanks for all your advises !!!

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