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Bypassing The logon screen

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I am trying to call a WEBI report from a JAVA web application, once I click on the open doc link it prompts for the log on screen. How can we bypass the the logon screen.



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Answers (3)

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Thanks Ted.

Access to BO XI R2 will take some time for me, will try out and update you guys.

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Thanks Chinmay.

I could develop the code and implement the token logic in XI 3 environment.

For this I have used many of the JARS provided by BO SDK.

Now, I need to demonstrate the same in BO XI R2 environment and was assuming the JARS of XI 3 would work with XI R2 since the XI 3 being of higher version but to my surprise it did not.

I believe the jars remains the same for both XI R2 and XI 3, do you guys have any idea how they interact with each other. Is it different in XI 2 and XI 3.

Anyone having an idea if I could still use the XI 3 Jars with XI 2.

Error thrown is of communication error - Not able to connect to the server.

Any reply would be beneficial to push me in the right direction



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XI 3 Jars explicitly do not work with XI Release 2 or older, by design.

Using XI Release 2 Jars with XI 3 is something never tested, so that would lead to uncertainty.

Recommendation is XI 3 for XI 3, and XI Release 2 for XI Release 2. If you're using reporting SDKs such as RAS or ReportEngine, I also strongly recommend being on the same Service Pack or FixPack between the SDK and Server.


Ted Ueda

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Hello Gaurav,

-In order to bypass Logon screen using opendocument, you need to use u2018Tokenu2019 approach.

-The approach would be to create a valid Token which will contain all the valid information about Logon and then to append this Token at the end of opendocument URL.

-You can use this opendocument approach to open webi, deski, crystal as well as OLAP reports and depending uon the type of report that needs to be opened, url will vary.

-However this would demand writing a seperate Java code.

-For more information about this approach, please refer following url :>BusinessObjects Enterprise SDKJava developer guide--Viewing Reports and Documents using URLs ---Using openDocument