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BW4HANA Licensing options

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What are the BW/4HANA licensing models/options?
I would like to understand the different licensing models available so that we can decide on the appropriate one and go forward.

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As far as I understand you have different options to license BW/4HANA:

-> BW/4HANA is licensed in blocks of 64 GB. You can expect, the more, the cheaper.

-> For HANA there are 2 Options:

--> HANA REAB (only BW/4HANA application)

--> HANA full use Enterprise Edition

There are possibly additional licensing fees for Cold Storage (NLS/DTO).

For prices always ask your SAP sales representative!

Hope that helps.

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what about named user license in BW4/HANA ?

In BW4/HANA The named user need a named user license or you pay only for GB of RAM and you can create many user as you want?



check this article where you can find details of the licensing options

the Sap sales reps have explained to me more or less the same options - in Emea they have proposed to us particular kind of "bundles" with special prices related to the company n. of users

probably you should consider also licensing options for BODS (additional ETL) and BO WEBI - (additional Web reporting tool) -

hote it helps

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Thanks for the inputs.
This certainly gives me a good idea.

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Thanks Tammy.

I did ask the question about the BW/4HANA licensing but due to a large number of question, didn't get the answer to it.

They have said they'll try to answer remaining we'll see...
But thanks a lot for your prompt response and the links.

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I don't know the licensing options, but you can join the BW/4HANA road map webcast tomorrow to learn more about it:

September 4 BI: SAP BW/4HANA Overview and Roadmap

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Thanks a lot Tammy.
Do you have the links for all such webcasts? It would be really beneficial for us to keep up to the latest in BW/4HANA world.

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Full list of upcoming webcasts is here - next week is BW/4HANA conversion

Webcast replay is at

We have had several webcasts this year on BW/4HANA