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BW4/HANA connected to Data Warehouse Cloud without DP Agent



I would like to connect BW/4HANA to DWC, but I don't have (yet) SAP Data Provisioning Agent. It is clear, I can't use BW/4HANA Model Transfer:

But for the standard BW connection, I see that Data Flows option is enabled (even with DP Agent). Remote Tables - not possible to use without Agent.

Based on that, I assume it is possible to connect BW to DWC even without DP Agent, only for Data Flows. However, it is not working for me, but maybe I am missing some settings... (generic error I got below, but all details, like host, client, user, are correct).

Before I perform further investigation, does anyone know if it is even possible?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi mateusz_mikulski,

to connect to a SAP BW or SAP BW/4HANA you need a DP Agent or a Cloud connector.

Please check out the documentation about Prerequisites for Creating Connections for more details. Just filter for BW and you will get the requirements for the functions you might want to use.

Best regards
KP Sauer

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Thanks, klaus-peter.sauer4 ! So it is DP Agent OR Cloud Connector, which is good as we have CC already. At least I can test Data Flows without DP Agent installation.

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