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BW Web Application Stylesheet madness

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Dear community,

I have a Web Template to which I assigned my own stylesheet (altered version of BWReports_ie6.css). I have my own MODIFY_CLASS for a table web item, and in method DATA_CELL I give some cells another style (C_CELL_STYLE = 'SAPBEXstdDataEmph'.)

In the stylesheet for SAPBEXstdDataEmph I have put:

color:#FF0000; (=red)


In my report I see those cells in bold, but not in red color!

They appear in black (#000000), so I looked and found that these stylesheet classes have color black in them: a:link, a:visited, a:hover.

When I change the color in a:visited to blue for instance, all my cell text appears in blue in the report.

Thinking this ‘a’ class overrules the color from the stylesheetclass which I assigned (APBEXstdDataEmph) I deleted the color parameters from a:link, a:visited and a:hover.

Instead of getting my color (red) I now get all cells in font color purple (#800080) which is not defined anywhere in my stylesheet!

On top of that, when I put the font-weight from bold to normal (no other changes to the stylesheet and no changes to the modify_class), the cells background appears gray (#AEAEAE) instead of white (#FFFFFF) and broken white (#F2F2F2) as it is setup in my stylesheet.

Can anyone clear this mystery for me? I’m going crazy here…

Kind regards,

Edwin Jacobs

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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a:link, a:visited, a:hover... are global stylesheet settings for all hyperlinks on the page. AS DataCell Content is linked with the Kontextmenu it is also displayed as link.

if you have asssigned the class 'SAPBEXstdDataEmph' to the data cells just add the new classes "SAPBEXstdDataEmph a:link", "SAPBEXstdDataEmph a:vistited", "SAPBEXstdDataEmph a:hover" to your style sheet and adapt the css of these classes to your needs, and it it should look like you want.

Maybe its better start with a new copy BWReports_ie6.css.

Keep in mind that a change in the mime repository normaliy takes effect after reseting the ICM Mime Cache (transaction smicm -> settings -> icm mime cache -> reset mime cache)



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Thanks guys, for your quick replies

I will try your suggestions at once...

You have given me hope again!

Kind greetings,

Edwin Jacobs

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Dear Marcus,

your reply was to the point and solved my problem!

So it seems that the template stylesheets which are delivered by SAP contain syntax errors:

they have for every class pseudo-classes




You pointed out correctly that it should be:

"classname a:link"

"classname a:visited"

"classname a:hover"

Thanks again!

(I will try to give you 10 points, if it is still possible to change after having rewarded another score)

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Hi Marcus/Jacobs,

In my Web report I was trying to change background color for the result cells and facing some problem.

I would like to send you the screen shot and my css file.

Please would you send me mail id.

Or mail id is, please send a test mail to this.

Thanks and Regards,

Satya Raj Kumar.

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I just wanted to second these comments to the one who solved this question. I just spent a few hours with the same type of madding problem -- trying to figure out why I could not get the styles of some tabs to reflect the colors seemingly shown in the .css file. Just as was suggested, adding the "classname a:visited" type entries to correspond with the existing class styles finally did the trick.

I was close to giving up on this for the night -- I really appreciate the explanation on how to resolve it.

Thanks, Jody

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We are on ECC 6.0 Netweaver 7 (2004s) and i am facing the same issue. Changes in the CSS file are not reflecting in the output. I am using the same style sheet which we were using in 4.6C System.

Where I am going wrong....I tried to use Classname a:visited but no luck..

The original CSS coding..



.ao-tree-item a, .ao-tree-item a:active, .ao-tree-item a:hover {

margin-left: 3px;

padding: 1px 2px 1px 2px;


.ao-tree-item a

.ao-tree-item a:hover

.ao-tree-item a:active

.ao-tree-item img {

vertical-align: middle;

border: 0px;



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Edwin,

If you switch of 'Objects with Navigation' in yout web-item properties, you'll get the red/bold style which you've defined.

If 'Objects with Navigation' is switched on, the output are hyperlinks. If you want that in red/bold as well, you have to define a:link, a:visited, a:hover for your style:




.SAPBEXstdDataEmph a:link a:visited a:hover

if you don't define (b) and the hyperlink-style is defined somewhere else (e.g. 'body'), you'll get the definition from there.

If hyperlink-style is not defined in your css at all,

then you'll get the browser-defaults.

Kind Regards,