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BW Virtual Provider on FM - BW4Hana Migration

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Hi All,

We are starting our migration project from BW7.5 on HANA to BW/4HANA.

We have a virtual provider that is based on a Function module created in the BW system, which in turn is calling a custom RFC FM in the R/3 system. So the business logic resides in the RFC FM in the R/3 system.

We understand that the virtual provider needs to be manually redesigned for migration. This is the note that the pre-check suggests. Based on this, can someone suggest the right way? We believe we have 3 options. Please correct us if we are wrong.

1. Create an Open ODS view. - We are not very sure if this an option, but because this also gives the feel of a BAPI based VP.

2. Create a HANA calculation view and then embed it with a composite provider.

3. Create a BADI Provider, where you write the logic present in the BW Function module.

Please throw some light on this. Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi Menon Anish,

This depends on how the present set up is there.

Are you ok with name change of the Virtual Cube? because there can be number of queries restricted with this cube, may be used in CKF, RKF also.

1. If you do not want go for name change then you can explore below option:

a). Convert entire logic into abap CDS views and then consume it in open ODS view

Pros: You're retaining your cube name.

Cons: Entire logic has to be re written and it may be time consuming.

2. If you're ok with name change then explore below options.


Pros: You can call your FM in the BADI provider, be careful while mapping navigational


Cons: If there are queries, CKF or RKF restricted with virtual cube you have to adjust them

b). Build SQL based Calculation view and call it in CP.

Pros: N/A

Cons: If there are queries, CKF or RKF restricted with virtual cube you have to adjust them


Prakash K