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BW Statistics - no automatically deletion of loaded statistical data

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Dear colleagues,

we're loading the query statistics data in the technical content (InfoCube 0TCT_C01 - 0TCT_C03) as using the technical Content (recommended in BW-Documentation ).

But it don't cause automatic deletion and regular deletion of data from the BW statistics tables. Parameter TCT_KEEP_OLAP_DM_DATA_N_DAYS is not set in table RSADMIN.

Why are data from the BW statisics tables not deleted automatically after upload in InfoCubes?

I know that I can delete data manually, but it should work automatically.

Thanks for Support.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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it doesn't seem to be happening automatically here either (BW7.3 SP7)

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Did you checked the parameter values in RS*ADMIN table?

Please check the note  1254680 - Old data deletion from TCT cubes and Statistical tables


- Reports.

-> 'RSTCC_ACCU' deletes the old unused data from 0TCT data-targets, older than 30/182 days by default.

-> 'RSTCC_DELETE_PSA_OLD_DATA' deletes the old data from PSAs of 0TCT datasources, older than 14 days by default.

-> 'RSTCC_DELETE_CHNG_LOG_DATA' deletes the change log entries for 0TCT datastore objects, older than 14 days by default.

    -> 'RSTCC_DELETE_STATS_DATA' deletes the data from the statistical tables associated with query performance.

Note: The successful execution of the first three reports generates entries in table RSTCCADMIN with default values. The end-user can configure these values according to his needs.


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