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BW Standart Object Activation Error

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Hi Experts ,

bw system error I get the standard objects activated. If you are happy to help.

Here is the screen dump ;

Error analysis

Short text of error message:


Long text of error message:

Technical information about the message:

Message class....... "R7"

Number.............. 000

Variable 1.......... "IOBJNM_OF_DTA_PRO_NOT_FOUND"

Variable 2.......... "0DB87SIC1"

Variable 3.......... " "

Variable 4.......... " "

How to correct the error

Probably the only way to eliminate the error is to correct the program.


If the error occures in a non-modified SAP program, you may be able to

find an interim solution in an SAP Note.

If you have access to SAP Notes, carry out a search with the following



"CL_RSD_DTA====================CP" or "CL_RSD_DTA====================CM021"


If you cannot solve the problem yourself and want to send an error

notification to SAP, include the following information:

1. The description of the current problem (short dump)

To save the description, choose "System->List->Save->Local File


2. Corresponding system log

Display the system log by calling transaction SM21.

Restrict the time interval to 10 minutes before and five minutes

after the short dump. Then choose "System->List->Save->Local File


3. If the problem occurs in a problem of your own or a modified SAP

program: The source code of the program

In the editor, choose "Utilities->More


4. Details about the conditions under which the error occurred or which

actions and input led to the error.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Ramazan,

In RSA1 -> BI content, from menu, EDIT -> "set BC Components",

please check "DP_DB" to activate it. Then try reinstall again.

(Please re-execute RSA1 after checking the setting).

Also refer the SAP Note 1601003.



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Hi Abhishek Srivas.,

Thanks for the reply we have solved a big problem.

Thank you again for your cooperation.

This issue will be one more question, except EHP2 's called the standard cube in the 0SD_C03 No wonder what could be the reason?

Edited by: Ramazan Direk on Dec 15, 2011 3:57 PM

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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I had the same problem. Mostly this is due to master data datasources which are not activated yet in R/3. You can fix the errors by activating them one by one if you find the offending object every time with a "simulate install" and check the error info. If there are to many, just choose "do not install any below" from the right click menu on the selected info objects (in the BI content collection overview). Afterwards you can choose yourself for which objects master data is really necessary.

Also verify if the export datasources are available on the DSO's in the flow. Because standard content is mostly only available in 3.5 content, it 's still expecting the 80XXX datasources. To generate an export datasource on a DSO -> right click DSO - Additional functions - Generate export datasource.

I advice to transform to 7.x flow afterwards. Much easier to maintain and to work with.


Rutger Hennico