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BW missing Redo logs

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Hi all

There are missing Redo logs in Db12 in BW server. There are gaps in the sequence of redo logs and about 13 are not there. If we try to restore from a backup the database is going to become inconsistent.

Can anyone give us an idea why it is happening.


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Missing Redo Logs???

I would be very worried...

When was your last full offline backup?

How are you dealing with redo logs? Copy, save and delete?

What are the parameters in you init<sid>.sap and init<sid>.ora file for dealing with redo logs?

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We have only Online Backup for BW systems. We copy save and delete redo logs.

some parameters are

backup_mode = all

backup_type = online_cons

backup_dev_type = disk

compress = yes

archive_function = double_save

disk_copy_cmd = copy

cpio_flags = -ovB

dd_flags = "obs=64k bs=64k"

dd_in_flags = "ibs=64k bs=64k"

tape_size = 1200M

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Online backups are fine, as long as you have a FULL backup since the last missing archived redo log. I haven't done an offline backup in several years, and have been through multiple DR tests and recovery tests with only online backups (both full and incremental configurations) available.