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BW Metadata Repository - Extracting data

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Hi BW Experts,

We are using BW 3.5 and need some help in finding a fast, simple way for our users to browse thru which queries contain x key figures, x characteristics etc. They need help finding what exists in BW thru a very basic, easy to use search tool.

I'm interested in finding various solutions to this issue.

Our first review was to look at the standard SAP Metadata Repository search features. However, I’m facing a problem under RSA1, when I go to search for the Active objects required for my BW report under Metadata Repository. One pop-up Information window appears on the screen saying “Search engine not fully installed”. Further, when I used further information for the same information message it suggests TREX has to be configured for BW server.

Have anyone faced the same problem in search under Metadata Repository ? Is there any other way to resolve the search issue at basis level, rather than installing the full TREX functionality?

Is anyone using API's or function modules to extract basic metadata to a custom application?

Is anyone using 3rd party tools to extract metadata for searching purposes?

I appreciate any advice!



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Hi Peggy,

For searching Metadata objects you need not require TREX engine...Probably while installing the BI 7.0 there might be some settings missed out..

Communicate same with the Basis Guy...

To find out the Info Objects..

Goto -- > Transport Connection ---> choose Object types Infoobjects -- > check out for the required...



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Hi Peggy,

In the MetaData Repository there is an option to build the Indices from one of the main menu in the screen. This will build the Indices for the search. However, this message, "Search Engine not fully Installed would keep appearing but you dont have to worry about that. The search still will go on and values displayed.