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BW Currency Conversion with rate of next year

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I need to show cumulated values of previous year(PYTD) converted with the exchange rate of the current year (e.g. Jan 06 value converted with Jan 07, Feb 06 with Feb 07 etc.).

I can't upload the converted value, because the rate (monthly average) is fixed at the end of the month.

Is ther any solution to do this at query runtime?

I tried RRC1 etc., but got nowhere yet,



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This can be done if you have have a input variable at calendar month infoobject at the runtime of the query.

You will have to write a customer exit making this variable as ready for input.

In the exit write this logic that what ever the value of the calendar month is increment the year by 1.

So if for record you have 0CALMONTH values as 02 2006 it will give the output as 02 2007.This should be the logic of your customer exit.

Now use this Variable in the RRC1 transaction.

Everything should be the same.

In the "Time ref" option in the RRC1 t-code use this variable in the option "Time Base form Variable" option.

So suppose the record contains the calmonth value as 02 2006 from the variable it will pick the exchange rate fo 02 2007.

Now you can put this currency translation type in the "properties" of the key figure for which you want to use conversions and give the desired target currency.

Hope this helps