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Buttons missing in edocument cockpit

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Hi guys,
i am currently facing a problem in the edocument cockpit for italy. There are only a few buttons shown in the edoc_cockpit, e.g. the most important button "submit" is also missing.
Is there a configuration in the SAP system missing? Did anyone face the same issue and found a solution?


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That the colleague said and also can help you to understand that is explained in 2530509 - Electronic Document Processing Framework Troubleshooting Guide:

D30 - Missing 'submit' and/or 'send to customer' buttons in the cockpit or error 'Action SUBMIT is not allowed for country/region': to solve this refer to SAP Help documentation Activation Requirements for Features in SAP Document and Reporting Compliance and activate the business function based upon the licensing you have.

D31 - In one system, the advanced feature buttons(SUBMIT, STATUS etc.) are appearing in edoc_cockpit without activating any business function but it is not appearing in other systems: We have unblocked advanced features for countries/processes which are already productive by inserting system generated entries in EDODCUSAGE table but for new ones, it is mandatory to activate business function based upon your licensing (Refer topic D30).