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BusinesSystem with blank Logical System Name

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Hi All, I add a new client to an WebAsABAP Technical System using :


ClientNumber: 123

LogicalSystemName: SIDCLNT123

and than I set the new Client number to the old businessSystem, using:

SLD>BusinessSystems>myBusinessSystem>Integration>Change...-->210 of TST

Now in the Integration tab on myBusinessSystem the LogicalSystemName is blank.

any suggestion please.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Domenico,

I have faced the same problem in my current implementation.

What i did was i deleted the Business System and then created the Bs System with the same name. After that you refresh SLD cache.

I did the following steps

<i>Remove the existing client in TS

Add the new client n TS

Remove the business system

Add the new business system with new client.

In ID remove the dependencies of the business system.

Remove the business system.

Save and Activate.

Assign new business system in ID.

save and activate.</i>

Hope It helps


Ramesh P

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