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Business View and InfoView

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I am just exploring in CRS2008 server , I created a Business View and I belive this can be used in the CR XI R2 to create


My question here is , can we see this business view when we login into the CMCApp in the server and the Infoview?

I dont see this Business View listed anywhere when I log into under the Central Management Control ->applications.

Please advise me if my understanding here is right and also if I am missing some server side installation of viewing the

BusinessViews inside the CMCApp and InfoView.

Thanks a lot

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can see, create, modify, set permissions for BV's from BV manager. You should be able to access them from CR reports Designer, but I don't recall any ability to access/modify them from CMC, they have always been created from CR Designer or BV manager.



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